Base-Camp-Connect connects different and existing voice and data communication networks. Cross-system and interoperable communication become possible. The BCC communication solution is designed to create a decentralized and resilient communication infrastructure.

If one of the mobile and portable BCC BASE CAMP CONNECT Kommunication units fails, for example in a disaster situation, communication with all other units in the coalition can continue. BASE CAMP CONNECT communication solutions are designed to allow resilient communication between different parties with different communication devices at any time.

The interoperable BASE CAMP CONNECT communication solutions enable communication between different brands of radios as well as between mobile phones and radios and much more. Ideal for example for civil and military units and organizations to work together in times of crisis. This also works with encrypted and data communication.

BASE CAMP CONNECT eliminates the need for a comprehensive communications solution at headquarters. Many small mobile and agile communication solutions replace the one large solution, increasing the reliability and stability of communications. At the same time, the vulnerability to sabotage or catastrophic events is reduced.

BASE CAMP CONNECT is a communication solution designed to provide continuity in your mission. Communication must be maintained. No matter if there was an attack, a military crisis, or a disaster. BASE CAMP CONNECT are also easy to use solutions and do not require extensive training.


Based on your information, we will contact you and clarify all necessary information directly with you. Learn more about Vogt-CTE

If you are ready to specify your requirements, please send us your requirements in the form of a specification sheet.

  • What kind of communication devices must be integrated (radio, mobile, landline phones, …)
  • Which brands and models (Motorola, Sepura, … )
  • How many units should communicate with each other
  • Locations of these units
  • Sketch
  • Information about SIP Trunk, SIM, LAN, WLAN, Sattelite etc.

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